As I mentioned in TNET, stopped by Goodwill briefly after pain clinic yesterday, and hit size 6.5 bingo. Usually, everything I really like is a size 9 or 4 or something. I’ll be happy when I’m in shape to wear them out and about.  (The spikes are 5 inches, and yes, I do wear those, and I love them. I like being 5′ 11″.)

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  1. voyager says

    Great finds! Those black zippered stilettos are hot. My feet can’t wear heels anymore, but if they could they would like those very much. I could rock those Oxford boots at the end, though. Isn’t Goodwill fun.

  2. rq says

    The brown boots…!! ♥ x34674324667899
    Also niiiiice stilettos, may you wear them hot one day soon!

  3. says

    I love Goodwill, I find the best stuff there. The stilettos are even wides, so they are actually very comfortable to wear. I have just about given up on finding wides regularly, so that was a bonus! I’m in love with the Oxfords, I’ll wear those to death.

    rq, oh, those have the sexiest profile, too. On the narrow side, but hey, you gotta wear what you gotta wear.

  4. says


    The boots look like they would fit all kinds of calves

    Yep, and look sexy on all of them, too.

  5. rq says

    you gotta wear what you gotta wear

    They say fashion demands a sacrifice. Well, less ‘fashion’ than just plain old ‘looking pretty fucking awesome’. And a little narrow? Pfft. As another fellow hobbit with wide feet, I salute you. (And double-bonus on finding the stilettos in wide, man, that is such a bonus!!!)

  6. says


    (And double-bonus on finding the stilettos in wide, man, that is such a bonus!!!)

    No kidding! I about flipped when I tried them on, and realized they actually fit. I wish more shoe designers would recognize that not everyone has perfect feet. One of my grandmothers use to constantly complain because she had extra narrow, long toes to accommodate, and I’d complain because I have wide, short toes to accommodate.

  7. rq says

    So many awesome shoes I’ve had to pass up because I can’t dance in them. Had this awesome pair of black, rather plain, 5 inch heels that were perfect -- I could stand a two hour choir performance in them, and go dancing afterward, and never feel it, they were that perfect. And then I lost them. Haven’t found the equivalent since. I come from a family of short wide feet (as my mum would say, we come from a long line of peasants) -- on the other hand, one of my sons has distinctly narrow, long feet (well, the aspect ratio makes them seem long even though they’re ordinary-sized) and boys’ shoes are just too loose on his poor feet.

  8. says

    A friend of mine in the UK dances flamenco and other styles, and she swears by dance shoes, specially made for dancers. You have to pay, of course, but I would gladly do so, just to have shoes you can walk, stand, and dance in, and don’t feel like you need 5 days off your feet to recover. So many shoes I just *love*, but I would only be able to wear them for about two hours before screaming to get them off.

  9. says

    Oh, those Oxfords! I feel quite lucky to have found them, because they are Laredo, which I wasn’t familiar with, and apparently they all qualify as vintage these days, with prices to match.

  10. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Reminds of the boots the Redhead used when we lived in Dah YooPee. Must have high heels unless driving.

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