“This Guy’s A Mobster.”

Donald Trump, by Jason Mecier.

Stating the obvious…

Henry said he would need more information about the FBI investigation and details from FISA warrants to see what was happening — but he has already been exploring Trump’s ties to organized crime.

“There’s a third camp, which is stuff I have been working on, is the organized crime,” Henry said. “This guy’s a mobster. He has all these dodgy business partners. He knew or should have known that they were involved in organized crime, money-laundering, racketeering. That’s pretty hard to deny. We see the people he’s been in business with. We see the deals over and over again. It’s in plain sight. That’s the theory I’ve been working on.”

“You could make a case on good old-fashioned criminal law — if you had a prosecutor,” he added.

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  1. Kengi says

    I think even Trump understands he was laundering money for Russian mobsters, which is probably what scares him most about the FBI investigation. Money laundering is a profitable gig so long as you can keep the details secret and not go to jail.

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