A Trump Tantrum and Government Shutdown.

Toddler Trump, by Sham.

Despite the Tiny Tyrant’s recent reversal on the importance of the first 100 days, he’s absolutely desperate for a “win” of some kind. For the most part, this involves another attempt at repealing the ACA, or failing that, trying to force congress to hand over forty billion dollars for the Grate Wall of Stupidity™.  More and more Americans are standing fast on not wanting the wall at all, and it’s not a remotely realistic “win” to push for, but Mulvaney is dangling an ACA concession, but only if all the money is handed over for the wall. Things were working, more or less, before Trump had to toss a late night wrench into the works, making everything all about his “wins” and nothing more. He has said “yeah, we want to keep government open”, but his actions don’t match that sentiment in any way. As usual, government in this case doesn’t mean jack shit if it doesn’t translate to “wins and approval” for the monstrous ego of Trump.

Trump’s instability has already caused a great deal of damage and irreparable harm; that harm keeps being extended with every rollback, all in the service of making the Tiny Tyrant feel like a big man. Now, he’s looking to toss anything into the cavernous maw of his always hungry ego, and if government shuts down, well who cares? I have no doubt that Trump would see that only as a bully tactic he could use, as that’s the current tactic, and the only one he possesses.

As the deadline for a spending bill looms, the Trump administration is reportedly throwing a monkey wrench into negotiations. The Trump administration is fighting for border wall funding or a crackdown on sanctuary cities, according to Politico, to give the president a victory during his first 100 days in office.

Desperate for a win, the administration is risking a government shutdown by insisting on funding the border wall. Congress has until April 28 to clear a spending bill — but negotiations between Republican and Democratic leaders in the House and Senate stalled over the last 24 hours after White House officials showed they wouldn’t move on funding the wall, Politico reported on Thursday evening.

A victory! The Tiny Tyrant must have a victory! Once again, language choice reveals a very nasty, unstable mindset. Think Progress has the full story, as does Politico.


  1. Kengi says

    Trump can’t even get support for his wall of stupidity from Republican Congress members in the border states. Even immigration and border hawks have pointed out a physical wall is the most expensive and least effective means of border control. But it made for a compelling campaign rally slogan, and the marching morons who support him are demanding a Great Wall.

    I suppose for him it’s either push hard for his wall or actually lock Hillary Clinton up, and someone probably told him that would quickly lead to impeachment, so wall it is. At any cost.

  2. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    Isn’t he tired of winning yet?

  3. komarov says

    Wouldn’t a government shutdown actually be more effective in doing what Trump’s doing? Defunding critical agencies and social support nets one by one is what a politician would do, all neat(ish) and orderly(ish). Not at all Trumpian..

    Marcus (#3/#4):

    […] except somehow it never shuts down the military.

    Does that or does that not include the police? It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes but might be a small step in the right direction..?

  4. rq says

    A government shitdown is what we have every day. A government shutdown is occasional.

    Ah, that wonderful choice between diarrhea and constipation…!

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