1. Ice Swimmer says

    The squirrel seems to be equally unwilling to get photographed as the ones here. Maybe they know about Iris…
    Machete, flowers and a squirrel. A balanced view into gardening.

  2. says

    The machete is a tool, not a toy. Because fuck brambles.
    The beautiful purple flowers are all dead now. Because fuck late frost.
    The squirrel was ….oh, look. squirrel!*

    *I actually really literally did that in my English class. I was telling them something and went and then -LOOK SQUIRREL-!!!

  3. rq says

    The machete is a tool, not a toy.

    Also a weapon. Which is the context in which I saw one just last week.
    Just be careful with tools, people. And don’t murder.

  4. says

    Given your line of work: ouch.
    Yeah, every good tool is probably also a murder weapon (I got a 3 kg hammer as well)

    JIm B
    It is, it is. After a few strokes I got back into the down-up-down-up rhythm that works on everything including small trees.

  5. says

    @rq Sam Vimes’s maxim: “Everything is a weapon if you decide to see it as such”. Any tool that impacts, cuts, binds or penetrates can be used as a weapon and indeed will be used as a weapon of opportunity in some crimes -- either in a defensive or offensive manner. If you decide to work with police, I guess you will encounter the outcomes of such things and that I do not envy you.

    I hope this will not be seen as a derail by Caine, but there is a point I wish to make vis-a-vis weapons in this context:
    A machete is definitively one of those things that is both a tool and a weapon by design. As well as many knives. That being said, there is nothing wrong with liking/collecting weapons, any more than there is with liking flowers or stamps. I think there is nothing inherently wrong in enjoying the aesthetics of weapons, just as there is nothing inherently wrong with enjoying the aesthetics of bonsai trees. I also think there is nothing wrong with liking to learn the skill of fencing, or shooting (whether a bow or a machine gun) or anything that floats one’s boat -- as long as the activity is performed in such a way that does not harm others.

  6. says

    Tools can be beautiful. And deadly. There are 3 machetes chez Caine, all of them tools, all of them weapons, all of them beautiful.

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