1. rq says

    Thank you, Charly! Teach them all to wear top hats, I say. Grackles are next, but they’re a bit more complicated due to an overabundance of character.
    Also, mine (robin) has an extra toe on the left foot because I didn’t notice that one of my assistants had been adding them before outlining in ink. :D

  2. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin compares the three and one half pictures, and notes the absence of peas (good, if lacking in dramatic tension), the absence of cheese (bad, no culinary delights), the absence of horses (good, but no flamethrowers (bad)), and the absence of feathered tuxedos (very bad). Hence, she declares the contest to navigate an espresso to Mars a tie, and decrees the next contest is to return the porcupine, still flying, to Earth. She then falls over giggling loudly, scaring several of the turtles on the way down…

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    Fine birds both, very dapper.

    Love the trousers and spats of the former. The latter just about sits on the edge.

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