The Decision.

Yesterday, I had the joy of watching, and capturing a young male Downy Woodpecker, perched in the Lilac, making the portentous decision to invade the finch filled feeder tray. I was lucky enough to get the start of the takeoff, but missed the flight, in spite of continuous shooting. Click for full size!







© C. Ford.


  1. blf says

    missed the flight, in spite of continuous shooting

    Perhaps not too surprising. Rat-propelled-puppets generally have all the flying ability — especially when self-“launching” from a tree — of a brick. Aiming the cannon by predicting a graceful penguin-style soaring flight would mean the entire sequence of Ack! Wheeeeeee! SPLAT is quite likely to be missed.

  2. rq says

    Ready-set-go! Love the tension of anticipation, once the inevitable decision has been made. Great shots!

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