Texas: Wrongful Births Bill.

(Monkey Business Images/ Shutterstock).

(Monkey Business Images/ Shutterstock).

The Texas GOP introduced yet another anti-abortion bill that would give doctors the right to lie to their patients about their pregnancies. Texas Senate Bill 25, also known as the “wrongful births bill” has made its way to the Texas Senate floor, and would prevent lawsuits against doctors if a baby is born with a disability.

In reality, the bill allows doctors to withhold information about the risk of a disability from the parents, particularly in cases when the doctor thinks the individual might decide to have an abortion if provided with the information.


The Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs passed the bill — which would legislate how much information a woman is allowed to receive about her own pregnancy — to the full Senate on Monday morning.

Right, because why on earth should a woman have the right to know exactly what’s going on in her body? Golly, there are men out there who can decide what’s important, don’t worry your cute little pink brains, women! It might be a good idea for women to find out just how religious their doctor might be, as that might have one hell of an impact on you at some point.

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  1. johnson catman says

    There is just so much wrong in that bill. A doctor should not be withholding information from the patient who pays them for their expertise. Should a doctor be able to withhold information that someone had cancer? No? Then this bill is nothing but evil. Fucking republicans.

  2. says

    Yeah, it’s evil. It’s yet another instance of rethugs announcing that they do not consider women to be humans.

  3. rq says

    Of course not Giliell. The right to life ends when life actually begins, so it’s sink or swim after that! And no, no healthcare coverage!

  4. Czech American says

    We already have plenty of legally-required lying about abortion. Now we have additional optional lying.

    Lying is a central feature of all Republican policies, but Republical abortion policy manages to stand out even there.

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