Song at Dusk.

Isn’t that something? The most beautiful sounds. That’s subjective of course, but it’s a good reminder of how important sound is, and the part it plays in most of our lives. For me, the most beautiful sounds will always be ocean waves, especially a thunderstorm breaking over the ocean, but there’s a world of sound, all of it beautiful.


  1. rq says

    When you listen to the frogs, at one point everything sounds almost arranged -- there’s a fairly regular though intermittent percussive beat, there’s that sliding tone, and everything just sort of fits together like a slightly arrhythmic dance number.
    One of the other sounds is, I think, cars passing on the highway (road?) in the rain. It’s a beautiful sound, but extremely lonely (to me).

  2. says

    It does sound arranged, amazingly so! It’s a fabulous group sound, and I downloaded the full 15 minutes. It’s quite soothing and catchy.

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