Sunday Facepalm.


All of life has become one gargantuan facepalm, ennit? Here are a few of them, adding to the whole:

Corey Lewandowski is now on record saying that no republicans ever questioned the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency, no, not those holy rethugs. That’s just so baldfaced, it’s hard to say it qualifies only as a facepalm.

“You’ve seen that the Democrats are trying to say that he’s not a legitimate candidate,” he said. “Can you imagine just for a second if a Republican congressman would have gone out and said this about Barack Obama and continued that narrative? It would be an uproar in the mainstream media.”

Right, because there wasn’t round the clock, constant coverage of all the rethugs screaming for birth certificates and the like.

highlights-magazine-2Kevin Swanson, who is rabid in his hatred for all things queer, is now raging about…Highlights. It’s just as bad as ISIS, did you know? Oh yes, just as evil, and maybe more evil. What brought on this irrational tirade of abuse? Inclusivity, natch. Inclusiveness of any kind is always to be found right at the top of the most evil list the Religious Reich has in their pocket.

Highlights Magazine announced they will be featuring same sex parents in future editions. That’s nice, isn’t it? Well, it’s nice for people who aren’t terrified by inclusiveness, and think it’s a good thing for the children of same sex parents to see themselves and their families represented. That helps to establish healthy, stable children, and a healthy, stable society, things which Christian Republicans are fanatically against. None of that inclusive wholesomeness for them, oh no!

Swanson said that while ISIS is releasing videos showing young children killing prisoners, Highlights is just as evil because it will “encourage the support for the sin of homosexuality among kids.”

It will encourage acceptance, yes. That’s a good thing, at least if you’re a decent, ethical person. I guess we know where that places Mr. Swanson.

“So now, here’s Highlights magazine, an American kids’ magazine promoting homosexuality amongst kids,” Swanson fumed, “and now ISIS is teaching kids how to kill people. Now, I got to thinking: Which sin is worse? Homosexuality or murder? Which is worse? Are we really that much better than ISIS?”

No, Highlights is not promoting homosexuality, anymore than it promotes heterosexuality. It’s simply reflecting their readership, and society as a whole. As for which sin is worse, can we just count Christianity as one big evil stain of a sin? It would save time. There are times I wish the xian hell did exist, because some people definitely deserve an extended dip in it, like Mr. Swanson. Even I’m not nasty enough to think he deserves such for eternity though. I’m simply not evil enough to be a good christian.

Okay everyone, hang onto those hats…


Yeah. Are you impressed? I think we’re supposed to be impressed.

We reported earlier this week that a group of Trump-supporting dominionists has launched a POTUS Shield project to protect Trump and his presidency from his enemies. They’ve now posted video [warning: autoplay] from last week’s prayer gathering at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. In addition to prayers of gratitude for Trump’s “anointing” and his having “surrounded himself with evangelical people” and “magnified Christianity,” the group prayed individually for each member of the Trump family, as someone came forward to act as a sort of Hollywood-style stand-in for each of them.

Lance Wallnau, who had repeatedly declared that Trump was anointed by God, prayed for Donald Jr., declaring that God would give him a personal heads-up—“a word of knowledge ahead of time”—when the media is trying to trip up or embarrass the family.

Sure, why not get to the really important stuff right away? I’m sure there couldn’t possibly be anything more urgent than embarrassment, given that Trump is sort of the living embodiment of embarrassment.

Frank Amedia, who served the Trump campaign as a voluntary “liaison for Christian policy,” prayed for Eric, saying that he too has “an anointing on him” and that Eric’s “humility for you is already beyond natural.” Amedia prayed that God would “bless his seed and the seed of his seed.”

Eeeuuuw. Seriously, christians, just start fucking more, maybe it will take care of this constant need to shove your noses into crotches, and stop concerning yourself with people’s semen.  As for humility, Eric. Really. Guess they didn’t see those disgusting hunting photos.

Leigh Valentine, a beauty-industry entrepreneur associated with John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel, thanked God for “the anointing” he had placed on Melania to walk alongside her husband. The “wisdom of God”, she said, will be upon Melania, who will “astound the women of her nation.”

What nation are we talking here? Astounded. By what? Her penchant for plagiarism? The fact that she was hawking her QVC crap on the site before someone hastily yanked it? Her standing silently by when her husband is busy drooling all over his daughter? Standing by her man when he talks about grabbing women by the pussy?

Mark Gonzalez prayed that young Barron would be given wisdom beyond his years and asked that God protect his heart when he sees “evil” being “launched at his family.”

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen such a blank looking kid. Either he’s so overwhelmed he’s close to paralysis, or he’s simply not affected by anything. I think he should be protected too, but that’s a tough call when he’s in the bosom of his family.

Clarence McClendon, a Los Angeles-based preacher who said in post-election Twitter messages to “the Prophetic Community” that the election was “supernatural” and a “Re-Set” for the country, prayed for Mike Pence has his wife, saying that God had told him Pence was “a covenant man.” Pence, he said, is “malleable and pliable” in God’s hand, and prayed that Pence would speak wisdom into Trump’s ears.

I wouldn’t describe Pence as malleable and pliable in the least. Rigid, cold, uncaring, devoid of empathy, and a willing toady, yes. There’s more at Right Wing Watch.


  1. says

    No, Highlights is not promoting homosexuality, anymore than it promotes heterosexuality.

    I disagree. Heteronormativity is promoting heterosexuality as the one and only “normal” way. To include diverse families in turns of sexual orientations means they finally stop promoting heterosexuality.
    For christmas, the little one got a book from her uncle about homosexuality, and being different and acceptance. In the foreword the author says “this book is about homosexuality. It’s not about sex”. Tells you everything you need to know about the people who confuse those things…

  2. says


    Heteronormativity is promoting heterosexuality as the one and only “normal” way. To include diverse families in turns of sexual orientations means they finally stop promoting heterosexuality.

    Yes, you’re right, of course. I was thinking the way the religious fanatics think, focusing on sex, not orientation. I really wish these people would focus on their own lives and leave everyone else alone.

  3. says


    It sure would be nice if authoritarians accepted authority and took control of their own lives a bit, wouldn’t it? But it’s haaaaaard. Much easier to complain about others’ behavior than to take a hard long look at one’s own.

  4. says


    Why sugar crystals?

    Sproggen gravitate to sugar. Besides, playing with sugar, there’s a possibility of getting your hands deliciously covered in the stuff.

  5. says

    Sproggen gravitate to sugar. Besides, playing with sugar, there’s a possibility of getting your hands deliciously covered in the stuff.

    Bah!!! Kids should play with mercury! Like I did! And melt lead to cast figures, like I did.

    And I wonder why my memory is not as good as it was when I was in high school…

  6. says


    You wouldn’t believe the amounts of slat kids would lick if you let them. Worse than deer, I tell you.

    That was me! I used to get caught, often, pouring salt into my hand to lick.

  7. rq says

    Then there’s the people who liked to chew on charcoal straight from the (cooled) wood stove, or bits of white chalk, for a snack when they were kids. (No, not me.)

    Sooo that picture for the POTUS shield is headed by a pair of sabre-toothed cat heads… a species that, unfortunately, has been eradicated from the earth since probably around the time of Noah’s flood or so. But I’m sure they were fearsome beasts while they roamed the continents.
    (How’s god doing with that heads-up in advance, eh?)

  8. rq says

    re: the sugar crystals
    I think it’s just easier, if you’re doing a crystallization experiment, because sugar is cheap and non-toxic and it crystallizes well (sugar solution lends itself well to over-saturation of the kind needed for nice, easy-to-see crystallization experiments, and the crystals have a good ‘typical crystal’ shape to them). Salts, as ordinary and commonplace as something like NaCl seems, are actually chemically quite the individuals and can be finicky for crystallization experiment purposes (when it’s young kids involved -- they’re quite interesting on their own, esp. when some have the property of decreasing solubility as temperature increases but anyway). Commercial kits will use salts other than table salt, but most are either (a) generally harder to come by or (b) potentially toxic if ingested or left on the skin. This is why the instructions included usually say to work with gloves and to wash hands carefully after the experiment is over.

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