The Republican Strategy.

Mike Coffman. CREDIT: AP Photo/Jack Dempsey.

Mike Coffman. CREDIT: AP Photo/Jack Dempsey.

The Republican Strategy? In two words: run away.

Congressman Mike Coffman (R-CO) tweeted Friday that he was excited to return home to Colorado this weekend, but things didn’t go very well when he got there.

On Saturday, his open meeting to chat with constituents at the Aurora Central Library was overwhelmed by voters particularly concerned about the fate of their health care if the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare) is repealed — a plan Coffman supports — without a replacement put in place. Rather than meet with most of them or even address them, he left the event via a back door and escaped in a waiting vehicle.

You can read the whole shameful mess at Think Progress. Well, I certainly find it shameful, but I’ve come to the conclusion that conservatives simply don’t feel shame, much like they have gaping black maws where there should be empathy.


  1. says

    They have no interest in protecting their constituents interests. All they seem to be focused on is to get back at that n*r who was in the white house and had the audacity being charismatic and more eloquent than any US president in living memory.

  2. says


    That’s the truth. Also, a highly effective president, who did a great deal of good, including adding tons of jobs and strengthening the economy.

  3. cubist says

    The GOP’s main principle is racism. Racism and making sure the filthy rich become even filthier rich. I’m sorry, the GOP’s two main principles are racism, making sure the filthy rich become even filthier rich, and ensuring that no damn girlslut has sex unpunished. Wait: The GOP’s three main principles…

  4. komarov says

    Oh, don’t be so mean. For all we know he is merely representing the interests of his voters weighted according to the amount of money they spent on his election campaign. And perhaps other expenses an intrepid congressman faces from day to day. Or maybe I misunderstand US politics completely.
    Besides there is no law that a representative has to represent the interests of his constituents, is there? The result is that, as we can see, any direct interaction between him and them is simply too awkward and should be avoided.

  5. cubist says

    Among the GOP’s principles are such diverse elements as racism; making sure the filthy rich become even filthier rich; ensuring that no damn girlslut has sex unpunished; and cramming those icky queers back in the closet where God intended them to stay!

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