A Seasonal Art.

Coooooookies! Beautiful Cookies, from Giliell. There’s nothing quite like this culinary art to cheer people up. Click for full size.





© Giliell, all rights reserved.

What you can see here are:
-Zimtwaffeln (cinnamon waffers)
-Stritzgebackenes (don’t ask me to translate that)
-Chocolate buttons
-Mini mulled wine cakes
-mulled wine wreaths
-walnut and salted caramel cookies
-cardamom orange wheels
-sugar cookies
Not shown: Stollenkonfekt


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    So many ways to make beautiful and delicious.

    The one in the middle of the third picture looks “architectural” in a pleasing way. Also I find it fascinating how much the dark brown cookies with the cracked surface look like loaves of rye bread.

  2. blf says

    Um, make cookies? They are the seeds of the jar plant (Crustulumcado herba, I think)! Best served lightly toasted, which is perhaps the source of the confusion…

  3. says

    The one in the middle of the third picture looks “architectural” in a pleasing way.

    Those are cinnamon wafers, a very regional speciality. The patterns on my modern electric iron are still the same as on my grandma’s iron one that she used on the open flame of the gas stove. It’s also her recipe.
    We also still have my great-grandma’s recipe. It’s testimony that people don’t know shit when they go on about the good old times. It’s mostly flour and very little else.

    I always make tons of cookies and then give them away to the kids’ teachers and so on.

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