That Language Not Allowed in This Neighborhood.

Last Wednesday, a black man was walking down a street in suburban Edina, Minnesota, when a plain clothes officer grabbed him and refused to let go.

The officer’s conduct drew the attention of a bystander, who took out her phone and started filming.

As the officer forcibly pulls the man toward his police car, he yells, “For what?… You can’t just put your hands on me like this!”

The officer accuses the man of walking down a part of the street he shouldn’t have been walking on. The man insists he did nothing wrong. The man becomes agitated by the officer not letting go of him, repeatedly swears at the cop, and is arrested.

“You could’ve just shown him where to walk very kindly,” the bystander tells the officer as she continues to film. “You’re the one who incited this.”

“He’s scared,” she adds. “People die in these situations. It’s scary.”

On YouTube, the woman provided more context:

I witnessed and videoed this earlier today. I passed by a man who was walking on the white line of the shoulder of the street. There was construction and it was obvious that the sidewalk was not available right there so he was hugging the right side as far as he could go. I went around him and noticed in my rearview mirror that an unmarked SUV turned on police lights. The officer pulled in front of the pedestrian to cut him off and proceeded to accuse him of walking in the middle of the street.

Edina is about 18 miles from where Philando Castile was murdered by cops. The Edina cop shop has responded, but they have not done well in that regard “why of course that black man was wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong, and we have all manner of justifications, and it’s not what it seemed!” The cop in this video was not in uniform, but apparently, he just could not cope with the sight a black man walking, and not walking in just the precise manner he wanted. If this cop just had to have a control freak moment here, all that was necessary was to briefly stop, identify himself, and say “okay, can you walk over there, because the way you are doing now isn’t safe, okay?” and then took off to do whatever it is cops do. But no, there had to serious man handling and full court asshole cop behaviour, down to a reprimand that certain language wasn’t allowed in that neighborhood. Really? I’d like to know where Officer Asshole lives. Is it that neighborhood? Can he provide evidence that that specific neighborhood in Edina has an ordinance which states that no one can say the word fuck? Yet more evidence that the only thing cops care about is just how far you can get down on your knees, in absolute compliance. Hey, Officer Asshole, have a fuck you! from me.

Think Progress has the full story.


  1. blf says

    Walking While Being Black.

    The officergoon didn’t respond appropriately, nor with sufficient concern, care, common sense, or caution: He should have called for the riot squad, bomb squad, air strikes, and just to be sure, release the pea!

  2. says


    and just to be sure, release the pea!

    Horses, too. Can’t be too careful, who knows what might happen to a delicately eared white suburb when a black person walks through.

  3. EigenSprocketUK says

    Three (four?) squad cars -- all to protect a slightly drunk man from maybe possibly potentially hurting himself in the traffic? They sure do care a lot about public safety in Edina.

  4. Onamission5 says

    Officer: Why are you yelling? Settle down. That language is not allowed.

    Oh weaponized civility, you may kindly go fuck yourself.

  5. Crimson Clupeidae says

    I hope the ACLU sues for unlawful arrest. These fucking assholes need to start paying for this shit.

    Unfortunately, the courts are (generally) almost as bad and tend to just go along with the cops’ story.

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