Facebook, Oh Facebook, Part II.

JeffersonAnother bigot has been fired for being ranting all over facebook. This time, a nurse, formerly employed at Jefferson Health in Philadelphia.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital fired a woman who posted on social media how “sick and tired of all this bullsh*t with the black people.”

Diane Amoratis’ Facebook rant, was a response to an anti-police brutality protest near Erie, Pennsylvania that went viral after she posted it.

Her complete rant:


Well, I’m glad she’s not working at a hospital anymore, but I have no doubt she’ll find another job, and might manage to be smart enough to keep her bigotry off of social media in the future. Unfortunately, that’s no good for everyone else, because that’s some powerful hate and resentment walking around. It’s frightening, thinking of this woman being in charge of vulnerable people.

Via Raw Story.


  1. johnson catman says

    Haters gonna hate and bigots gonna bigot. It is good that they are outing themselves. That is the only good thing that Trump has done: he made them think that it is okay to show how much of a bigoted asshole they could be thus letting everyone else know who they are.

  2. rq says

    racist segregation

    Yeah but are we going to go by intentional self-identification or unintentional self-identification? I can see Diane protesting the label quite strongly, even though it is clear where she belongs…


    Bulldozed. Does she realize that this is very nearly what happened in Nice? Does she even care?

    I hope a lot of her friends deleted her. I don’t suppose Facebook itself will do anything.

  3. says

    Posts like this motivate me to dive back into FB and contradict the garbage my parents post. I wish it was not as energy intensive as dealing with a gish gallop. It’s easy to post an emotionally satisfying lie, but harder to point out the reason it is a lie. I hope that someone makes an internet database of accurate and sourced memes to easily respond to specific dishonest memes. That would be nice.

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