“You first, motherf*cker.”

Henry Rollins. Credit: Heidi May.

Henry Rollins. Credit: Heidi May.

Henry Rollins latest column tackles the deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, the media, white privilege, and the problem of two Americas. Here’s a bit:

…I’m an educated, Caucasian, heterosexual male. Does this ensure I will have success and live the American Dream? Obviously it doesn’t, but it damn sure drops me on second base with a great opportunity to steal third.

I live solidly in one of the Americas but have been aware of other Americas for decades. For the last week, I have heard politicians use a phrase that nauseates me whenever I hear anyone say it. The need to “come together.” To that I say, “You first, motherfucker.”

Since an upgrade will not occur on a national level via presidential pen stroke or SCOTUS decision, you have to take it upon yourself to be an infinitely fantastic person every single day. There will be times when it will be a bitch to be so awesome, but you’ll handle it. This century will be about incredible individuals. Bold acts of kindness and a genuine desire to at least try to see things from someone else’s perspective are but two of the mandatory requirements for betterment moving forward.

Don’t wait for your government. It’s a broken machine that can only deliver damaged goods. Prejudice coats the mechanics of the USA’s OS. Attempts to clean the parts are attacked as big-government, special-interest meddling. It’s by no means a Gordian knot, but a total system retool is required. It would be incredibly expensive and time-consuming, and the growing pains would be enormous. Not gonna happen.

Equality, tolerance and decency are not inherently American or human traits. They are values you choose to adopt and use or not. So, be amazing all the time.

Not much I can add to that. Be amazing, people.

Full column here.


  1. johnson catman says

    Rollins is an interesting character. That essay is truth that all white people should read and heed. Giuliani and the other old scared white men hanging on to their vision of the US need to stop the fear-mongering and take Rollins’ advice.

  2. says

    Johnson catman:

    Giuliani and the other old scared white men hanging on to their vision of the US need to stop the fear-mongering and take Rollins’ advice.

    That would be nice, of course it isn’t going to happen. It wouldn’t be so bad, Giuliani and the rest, if bigotry and religion weren’t so damn infectious.

  3. rq says

    These are actually some really good words to read right now -- yes, they’re direct and not all pleasant, but they’re not geared towards bringing you down, they’re quite inspirational. It’s easy to say ‘be amazing, people!’, but also sometimes, reading something like this, actualling being amazing doesn’t sound so difficult after all.

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