End of Trans Military Ban, July 1st, 2016.


The Pentagon — the largest U.S. employer of transgender people — will announce the end of its ban on trans troops July 1, USA Today is reporting.

Transgender activists have long fought for the lifting of the ban, as many trans people — an estimated 15,500 — are already serving in the military. Most have not been open about their status, as they could face discharge. A few have come out and remained in the service, however.

“Top personnel officials plan to meet as early as Monday to finalize details of the plan, and Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work could sign off on it by Wednesday,” USA Today reports. Defense Secretary Ash Carter would have to give final approval.

Finishing the work involved with lifting the ban will still take another year. Each branch of the military will have a year “to implement new policies affecting recruiting, housing and uniforms for transgender troops,” according to the paper.

The Advocate has the full story, and video. All I can say is it’s about godsdamn time.


  1. Siobhan says

    I’m less enthused by trans folk voluntarily feeding themselves to the American War Machine--but, having federal employers set an example ought to make a few companies aware of the issue, which might help elsewhere.

  2. AlexanderZ says

    That’s wonderful news! Better late than never, but I’d like to welcome US high command to the 21st century.

  3. johnson catman says

    Marcus @5:
    I was wondering how the bathroom situation would be handled in NC. Fort Bragg and the supporting facilities have a large presence in NC. The republican legislature and Governor McCrory would not want to lose the revenue from those.

  4. johnson catman says

    Ice Swimmer @7:
    I suppose that they are not. So NC HB2 would not affect them. Thanks for helping shake the cobwebs loose.

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