The Passion of the Christ: Twitter Storm.

Just the other day, I posted about The Passion of the Christ: Jesus Returns, with the mild commentary Jesus Christ, a bad movie might be on the way to resurrection. Downright bland, compared to what Twitterers have to say about it all:




There are many more tweets to be enjoyed at Raw Story.


  1. rq says

    Also reminds me of those Bambi remakes. Perhaps someone can do a crossover: Bambi and Jesus: The Deer God Conspiracy or something…

  2. Johnny Vector says

    This is gonna be pretty exciting. Personally I can hardly wait!

    “Welp, here I am, all up in heaven…
    Hi Dad. Peter. Been a few years. Looking good, both of you.

    Sure is quiet.

    D’jyou replace the flooring? It looks great. What? Oh, “jew”? Ha ha. Good one, dad.

    Well, I think I’ll take a nap.”

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