LGBT Superheroes?


Will Marvel Films Feature LGBT Superheroes? Civil War Directors Think So.

Captain America: Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo believe the Marvel universe is pushing “what people’s expectation of a superhero movie are.”

The duo recently talked about the possibility of a LGBT character in the upcoming Marvel films. “I think the chances are strong,” said Joe Russo. “It’s incumbent on us as storytellers who are making mass-appeal movies to make mass-appeal movies …. It’s sad in the way that Hollywood lags behind other industries so significantly.”

Joe’s got no idea. GLAAD’s Studio Responsibility Index recently found, among other data, that there was no significant increase in LGBT portrayal in major-studio films from 2014 to 2015—only 17.5 percent.


“I think this is a philosophy of Marvel—in success it becomes easier to take risks,” Anthony Russo said. “So I think that’s very hopeful for all of us moving forward that bolder and bolder choices can be made.”

So who will it be? Maybe we can sneak in a gay Iceman while Fox isn’t looking …

Out has the full story.


  1. johnson catman says

    When it happens, expect the bigots brains to explode and their propaganda machines to go into overdrive. Also, you can all but guarantee that a “boycott” will be called for. I would love for all the boycotters to go ahead and withdraw to their cave and stop dealing with any entity that promotes equality and inclusiveness. So, they will need to get off of their computers, stay off of the internet, stop using banks, cars, grocery stores, restaurants, basically any modern convenience, so that the rest of us can live in peace. (I know, fantasy!)

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