1. blf says

    RUN! That’s what causes them to assert their true nature, as forty-foot high killers! Peas are so disgusting every part of them wants to get away from the ingested awfulness, hence the rapid increase in size. And mass, so as to overwhelm any pod. The nasty killer nature should be obvious, anyone ingesting a pea is not going to be very civil.

  2. blf says

    This about-to-STOMP! forty-foot high killer so distracted me it ruined, ruined, my tea: There was a pan of water, so I boiled it, and only when pouring it into the teapot over the leaves remember it was a pan of soapy water, the pan was soaking…

    (The mildly deranged penguin points out that since no cheese or MUSHROOMS! were involved, it wasn’t a catastrophe, but does agree soap is an unusual flavoring…)

  3. blf says

    They’re doing a service, eating up all the evil peas!

    Horses. They should eat horses. Pea-infected forty-foot high killers stomping around — or nowadays, also flying around — ruins the concentration. And the tea.

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