1. rq says

    Big fan of that particular shade of blue, but I also like how the second picture has pretty much the entire rainbow in the iridescence. And the contrasting yellow eye. Love that.

  2. blf says

    That is, according to the mildly deranged penguin, yet another wannabe ex-dinosaur with no idea how to dress, no proper tuxedo, just a tie-die imitation and non-regulation scrum-cap.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    While the pictures can stand on their own, showing them as a series adds to them. Puffy black to iridescent and then glance, grackle and stare

  4. AlexanderZ says

    I just love his accusing stare in the last picture:
    Have you no shame Caine, photographing a grackle basking in the sun ;)

  5. says

    Thank you all.

    Blf, oh no, Grackles know how to dress -- spectacularly!

    Alexander, shame? No, I has no shame at all. :D

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