It’s the dismal season

We went for a walk at Glacial Lakes State Park today, and we’re in the unpleasant in-betweens: the snow is gone, it was a pleasant 20°C, but everything is dead brown. Behold the majestic natural beauty of Minnesota in the spring time!


Also, we walked around that body of water, which is called “Mountain Lake”. There are no mountains here. The elevation is 371 meters. Oh, Minnesotans…

The Irish holy war is unrequited


I thought I was done with this nonsense way back in early November; I wrote a post summarizing Michael Nugent’s bizarrely obsessive behavior, and washed my hands of him. Little did I know, he wasn’t done: for the past 6 months he’s gotten increasingly stalkerish, and is still hammering out thousands of words complaining about me. And now he’s complaining that I am diminishing the effectiveness of Atheist Ireland and the worldwide atheist cause! Perhaps if he quit embarrassing himself and his organization with his crusade, he’d be less of a joke.

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Worse than I thought


Jian Ghomeshi, the CBC broadcaster who was fired after he was accused of sexual assault, leading to a vomitous flood of revelations about his behavior, is the subject of a an investigation and report on his behavior and the actions of CBC. Would you believe the CBC was a hostile work environment for women that condoned Ghomeshi’s activities?

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Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of honeybadgers

The ‘Honeybadgers’, a group of women affiliated with the MRA brigade at A Voice For Men, infiltrated the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, applying for a booth by pretending to be somehow affiliated with nerd culture, instead — they were Fake Geek Girls, for real (although at least one of them authors a webcomic, so not totally fake)! Apparently they set up a booth promoting Gamergate and their version of ‘ethics’ and being anti-censorship before derailing at least one panel on Women in Comics with a lot of “What about the Menz?” and victim blaming.

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Lunch with @ChrisWarcraft


Chris Kluwe is in Morris today, and all the UMM people got invited to have lunch with him, where he spoke informally and answered questions. He was terribly cheerful and optimistic about everything, and I did my best to bring him down with a few pointed objections, but he addressed all my concerns adroitly. I guess I’m going to have to resign myself to a future full of Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies.

I guess that’ll be OK.

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This is not what scientists do


Say you’ve discovered something you think is really neat-o. You decide to submit an abstract of your discovery to an unrefereed meeting.

So far, so good. This is something scientists do all the time, and then they get together and discuss and criticize.

Here’s the additional step you take if you’re a crackpot: you buy an advertisement in the Washington Post, announcing that you’ve overthrown all of physics in favor of a Seventh Day Adventist literal interpretation of the book of Genesis, and that pandemonium among big bang cosmologists is soon to come over this discovery, because the world will soon recognize the greatest cover-up ever conceived by physicists.

As a bonus, you also announce that you’ve discovered the location of God’s Throne.

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