Another phrase that annoys

Over there on the right is a classic example of garbled science: the claim that vegetables can be grown ‘without chemicals,’ as if the vegetables themselves weren’t little lumps of chemicals already.

But I have another one to add to the list of bad ideas, and this one comes from a press release from the American Thoracic Society.

Electronic cigarette flavorings alter lung function at the cellular level.

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The dick-centered life


I was just chided by Ally Fogg!

No. of days Heather Hironimus in jail for protecting her child from genital mutilation? Now 5
No. of US liberals giving a fuck? Still 0

Hey! I’m a US liberal…and I had no idea who Heather Hironimus was. My excuse was that it was the end of the semester followed by a bout of travel and family business. But now I’ve looked her up and…hoo boy. I am shocked.

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