DJ Volvox

This exists: DJ VolvoxDJVolovx

Volvox has been pushing the sound and spirit of underground dance culture since 2006. Her sensitive and energetic sets have made her a favorite among party devotees. No matter the situation she captures the crowd with everything from raw acid and EBM-flavored techno, to dreamy sensual deep house.

We should invite her to play Volvox 2017! I wonder if she projects Knut Drescher’s videos during her sets.

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Chlamy song

Posts may be thin this week. I am preparing a talk for AbSciCon and a manuscript that’s due Monday. Saturday morning, I will board the Empire Builder in Whitefish for a 30-hour ride to Chicago (no doubt some of the manuscript will be written on the train).

Meanwhile, here’s a song about Chlamydomonas (skip to 1:05 if you don’t want to hear the intro).