100 Words on the Topic of Mars vs Antares

These topics can be cryptic, but wikipedia is my dogg.  I found a connection.  “If Antares was placed in the center of our solar system, its outer surface would lie between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, in the asteroid belt.”  Let’s do that.  Place the red star Antares in our system, and see how Mars fares…

Maybe Mars had it coming.  War sucks.  There’s a story where Hephaestus caught his wife Venus boning down with Mars, tossed a net over them, and dragged ’em around the world.  Let the fires of Antares light up the cosmos with Martian ruin.

NOTE:  I have one last post I owe, 2000 words.  No time left tonight, I’ll see y’all late tomorrow.


  1. StevoR says

    I like it. 🙂

    Antares win tho’.. Red supergiants tend to do that till they blow..

    Given the outer atmospheres of such stars are relatrively cool at “only” three thousand degrees or so, Mars could actually survive a while orbiting inside the red hot vacuum until fictional resistance and gravity slowly drags it down..

  2. StevoR says

    ^ Frictional resistance that is not fictional. Sigh. Although it is hypothetical so anyhow..

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