Putin may have just punked the Teaparty


Update 2: Syria just announced they will sign the agreement and join the chemical weapons ban treaty. It’s all over but the details now folks. Call it eleventy-billion dimensional chess or dumb luck, but Obama just scored the biggest foreign policy victory since Geronimo was shot in the head by acting tough while Teaparty Republicans joined liberal wimps.

Update: Senate is said to be drafting new authorization proposal tailored to latest developments that has bipartisan support.

Yesterday events moved fast as Russian diplomats announced the outlines of a possible deal to store and destroy Syria’s chemical weapons, a move which would avert a US military strike. This evening President Obama will make his case before the American people, tea leaves say the WH will not waiver in the need to brandish a credible military threat to encourage Syria to comply. Early this morning US time, Syria appeared to accept the proposal in principle. All well and good, every one is happy! Except of course … the right is facing a huge problem: America may have prevailed and the world may end up a tiny bit safer without the US having to fire a single shot. First overnight developments: [Read more…]

For they so love America that they want to leave it


Remember all that bullshit during the run up to the Iraq War about love it or leave? A lovely holdover from the Vietnam clusterfuck, carefully designed and tested to silence anyone who points out a policy happens to be both insane and deadly on a mass scale. Not to mention an economic super-massive black-hole. Secession compares with the best of that compartmentalized genre and, once again, rears its ugly head, this time in northern Colorado, where locals are whining they should be allowed to become a land-locked, insular state in the middle of the US — I dearly that wish could be granted as an example and warning to all future confederate wanna-bees.

Thankfully, I don’t have to link it, because Mistermix did that and succinctly summed up this nasty intersection between Teabilly politics, wealthy sociopaths, and traditional media dutifully posting some rotting online-chum: [Read more…]

Mr Cruz goes to Washington, & gets in hot water real fast


I’ve been watching this clown with interest ever since he ended up being one of our two wackaloon senators from Texas. Cruz has a big problem in the Lone Star State. It’s one of the last hold outs of the dying Teaparty, and a bunch of those crazy mother fuckers hate Hispanics. They just despise them, for no reason other than pure, evil, xenophobic racism. A guy with the last name of Cruz gets a shot with that bunch for two reasons only: first he helps put a thin veneer of non racism on an overtly racist sub party, and two, he has to be or at least act like he is snake venom spitting crazy. It seems Cruz has chosen to serve that last goal by playing Joe McCarthy: [Read more…]

Ken Blackwell mangles science on Hardball

If you know of uber right-wing warrior Ken Blackwell then you know that headline above reads like dog-bites-man. Blackwell was at it again on MSNBC’s Hardball Thursday evening, shilling for a personhood measure called Initiative 26 in Mississippi, where he tried to talk about the science of human development. Surprise! He mangles it hopelessly. Blackwell stated scientists — and the American people — recognize that, at the moment of fertilization, a human being is created. Some people may be divided on this. Science is not. [Read more…]