Putin may have just punked the Teaparty


Update 2: Syria just announced they will sign the agreement and join the chemical weapons ban treaty. It’s all over but the details now folks. Call it eleventy-billion dimensional chess or dumb luck, but Obama just scored the biggest foreign policy victory since Geronimo was shot in the head by acting tough while Teaparty Republicans joined liberal wimps.

Update: Senate is said to be drafting new authorization proposal tailored to latest developments that has bipartisan support.

Yesterday events moved fast as Russian diplomats announced the outlines of a possible deal to store and destroy Syria’s chemical weapons, a move which would avert a US military strike. This evening President Obama will make his case before the American people, tea leaves say the WH will not waiver in the need to brandish a credible military threat to encourage Syria to comply. Early this morning US time, Syria appeared to accept the proposal in principle. All well and good, every one is happy! Except of course … the right is facing a huge problem: America may have prevailed and the world may end up a tiny bit safer without the US having to fire a single shot. First overnight developments: [Read more…]

If I had any respect for McCain, it’s gone now

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Whatever lingering respect I may have had for John McCain is surely gone now. Not that there was much left after he tried to foist Sarah Palin on us in 2008. In the video above McCain gets a dose of what his constituents think about Syria. So far so good. But being the craven political vulture he has become, he tried to recover by joining the ‘peachers: [Read more…]

Syria could go anytime now

It could happen today, or Assad might delay this push and buy another month or three. But the Arab Spring that began in Tunisia and swept through Egypt and Libya is now on the doorstep of the Syrian capital (Building raw link base below). There are conflicting reports, some saying the final battle for Damascus may have already begun, others unclear: [Read more…]