The amazing shameless agililty of Congressman Peter King

Arrgh! Ignore this folks, sloppy work on my part, Peter King did diss the GOP in the video above, but it was Steven King who lampooned Katrina relief, it’s my fault and apologies to both Kings.

The comedy stylings of Peter King (R-grifter) continued apace this morning with a spine snapping reversal on disaster relief. It turns out this joker now thinks government relief spending is greeeat and not funding that relief is just wrong!

TPM — “It’s absolutely disgraceful,” King said on CNN. “People in my party, they wonder why they’re becoming a minority party. They’re writing off New York, they’re writing off New Jersey. Well, they’ve written me off, and they’re gonna have a hard time getting my vote, I can tell you that.”King said that Republicans have no problem finding New York when they want to raise money. In light of Tuesday’s inaction [On Sandy relief], King said, anyone from New York or New Jersey who contributes to the National Republican Congressional Committee should have their “head examined.”

Well, I could have told you that last part without the Teaparty torching Sandy relief last night. But this is all a far cry from the fiery Peter King who insisted relief for Hurricane Irene must be offset by spending cuts. Then again Hurricane Irene was a little farther away than Sandy from his home turf in upstate New York. There’s a geo-political trend there, let’s test it: How does Peter King feel about relief funding for even more distant disasters?

HuffPo — The congressman, who is running for his sixth term, was outspoken about — among other things — the need to pay for any spending on disaster relief, an issue he has dealt with before. In 2005, he voted against a bill to help Hurricane Katrina victims because he said it cost too much at $51.8 billion. King was one of only 11 members of Congress to oppose the bill. King said last week that his vote against Hurricane Katrina relief was “a good vote” and “a principled vote.”

Ahh yes, what a shock. Peter King, just another small government teaparty conservative, except when the Americans in need are in his circle of friends and neighbors. Some principle.


  1. wlegro says

    You might want to check your facts and read more carefully. That HuffPo article refers to Rep. STEVE King of iowa. Says it right in the headline. First two words are “Steve King”.

  2. wlegro says

    I should also note that Peter King’s district, the 2nd, is not in upstate New York. It is in Nassau and Suffolk counties. On Long Island. Suburbs of NYC. Hard-hit by Sandy.

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