Internal numbers from Romney campaign reveal only symptoms

New Republic has a fascinating look at Romney’s internal polling numbers, or rather how wrong they were. For example, the internal polls showed Romney tied in Iowa and ahead by several points in Colorado and New Hampshire. Romney ended up losing all three states by a little over five points. Almost ten points off for CO and NH, that’s a huge miss. [Read more…]

Romney’s back on the small government kick

Ah yes, the inevitable small government BS regularly regurgitated by conservatives whenever there’s a program helping regular folks they would rather redirect to the offshore accounts of uber-rich people, like Romney. Wherein people hear small government and think maybe there’ll be less in the way of speeding tickets or red tape at the DMV, and actually end up with dirtier water and air, and less protection for their hard-won rights and savings. And that’s assuming Mittens’ means it, which given the video below, is debatable.

Romney has some splain’n to do

The tape that was heard around the world is still circling the global net today. In it Mitt Romney basically calls out half of us as being parasitic moochers who pay no tax and for whom he isn’t concerned with. I’d very much like Romney to walk in my shoes for one month to see just how lazy and entitled I am … Anywho, that’s music to the ears of the trust fund and vulture cap brigades. What might not go over so well is the man in whose home Romney made those remarks: [Read more…]

Embassy attack

Update 11 AM Central: Mitt’s cynical ploy is starting to blow up in his smirking over-privileged face. Romney was already a touch behind in most polls, in retrospect this may turn out to be the day that sealed his electoral fate.

Most people around the world and especially at home are deeply saddened and shocked to hear of the death of four Americans inside our own embassy in and near nations we helped freaking liberate. Hell, even some of the more radicalized Egyptians and Libyans know this was a first class fuck up.

But you better believe there will be one group here in the US who will barely be able to contain their glee at the massacre: [Read more…]

Probably not a Mormon takeover … BUT

Reader Dobby linked an interesting article published a couple of months ago, and it got me thinking about something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. The piece covers Mormon business practices. What’s been turning around in my tiny brain: given the popularity of conspiracy and end day stories on the delusional right, and their deep religious insularity and ethnocentrism, it’s easy to see a scenario where a hunk of that caucus goes balls deep into Mormon conspiracy theories, especially if Mitt Romney wins: [Read more…]

It’s “God’s shield”

Update: The WH responds  and it’s good to see dems hitting the GOP over the head with their own culture war club.

Akin’s comment in which he accidentally told what he really thinks, known in teaparty circles as misspeaking, didn’t come out of nowhere. Just as teajihadists have their own creationist pseudo-biology and their own evangelical pseudo-history, they also have their own reproductive pseudoscience in which rape victims can’t get pregnant. You know, if it’s a legitimate rape and not some loose ungodly slut lying about getting her rockettes off: [Read more…]