Climate change now more firmly linked to extreme weather events

Climate change science is getting more accurate, in part becuase of building on past research like any other science, and in part because computers are able to handle more and more complex chaotic models. Where the exact tipping point might be for a specific weather event is now clearer, and in some cases, the models indicate that critical factor is indeed global warming: [Read more…]

Mitt Romney goes on overseas apology binge

There’s a certain amount of undeniable karma in this. For months Romney has been reanimating the “Obama apologizes for America” zombie abomination. Now, in the space of a few hours, on what was supposed to be some kind of foreign policy baptism by fire during peacetime, Romney finds himself apologizing profusely into every camera and mic he can find while on foreign soil: [Read more…]

Kepler spies a new solar system that looks familiar

We’ve found a lot of strange exo-planets in the last two decades, hot Jupiter’s spiraling into their star like giant comets and super earths that could be covered in exotic oceans and ices hundreds of miles deep. Before it’s all over, Kepler may end up being the most famous name in all the Milky Way galaxy! Now the plucky telescope by the same name has found an alien system that looks a little more familiar in one key respect: [Read more…]