Funniest responses to Trump’s positive coronavirus test (will be updated as needed)

There’s more!

On the Washington Post article covering Trump’s announcement, there are nearly 20,000 comments as of 4:30 in the morning EST. The number one rated comment is:

“The news is usually so negative.
Nice to see something positive for a change.”

Back to twitter & other social media:


Amy Coney Barret's nomination celebration will go down in history as the gender reveal party that burned down the Republican party.

True fax.





  1. sonofrojblake says

    Nothing there as good as xanthe’s content on your ASSHAT post: “wishing him a speedy recovfefe” is going to keep me chuckling til after he’s died.

  2. StevoR says

    @1. Charly & 2. sonofrojblake : Here’s hoping .. (Until it happens not counting hatching Chookus domesticus*


    LOL. yes, Good memes.

    Wonder if Trump is now injecting himself w bleach, taking the hydroxychloroquine, Putins vaccine, thinking the virus was just a hoax and will magically / miraculously go away (back in April this year) and is just another flu now? Like he’s said before catching the virus his incompetence has helped kill 200,000 plus others :

    * Probly not actual Latin / Linnean name..


    More than 200,000 Americans are dead.

    That’s not just a number. It’s someone’s grandmother, someone’s father someone’s best friend.

    It’s my brother Don Reed.

    Trump has spent this pandemic lying, pointing fingers, and playing politics – leaving anation behind to grieve.
    – Elizabeth Warren

    Warren’s Twitter apparently.

  3. StevoR says

    D’oh and :

    (Until it happens not counting hatching Chookus domesticus*

    .. pre avian dinosaur chicks hatching ..

  4. lumipuna says

    Also, now that many infections have been connected with the Coney Barrett nomination event, I saw someone on Twitter joke about “Ginsburg’s revenge”.

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