QAnon has decided that Trump catching COVID is … a good thing?

It’s like 2020 isn’t even trying to make sense anymore. If any of you readers can explain what’s happening here, I’ll be impressed:

There’s also QAnalysis of the Trump tweet announcing his poz status, and parsing the word “together” as super-secret code word for TO/GET/HER:




  1. Dunc says

    Cognitive dissonance. These people will believe literally anything to keep their fantasy alive.

  2. says

    After trying to get my mind in QAnon space I get this:

    1. Coronovirus is a hoax therefore Trump can’t have it.
    2. He says he has it and is Quarantined, emphasis on the Q. This is a signal to Q that he has gone off grid for something big.
    3. He also said together which is secretly to get her. This means he is going to arrest Hillary Clinton and break up her child sex ring.

    They are celebrating because the great hero Trump is finally bringing everything they believe into the light and arresting QAnon’s enemies! Now I must rest because thinking like that made my head hurt.

  3. StevoR says

    So I wonder what they’ll say if Trump dies of it?

    More worrying I wonder what they’ll do if Trump dies of it and they think its not a natural death by caused by the SAS-Cov2 virus and this sad, disgusting, grotesquely unfit for office excuse for a President’s mishandling of this deady global pandemic.

  4. StevoR says

    Well there is the bib-lick-lie clear precedent of Jesus saying something (in Armaic / ancient Hebrew) about this generation shan’t pass away beore I return but they’re still expecting him any day now, now, aaan-any daaay now, tomorrow, nah the next tomorrow, okay no-ow? Now?

    So, yeah.

    If we’re lucky* and they don’t just start killing other people and starting that Civil War too many of them claim to want adn something think they’ll win..

    * See :

  5. says

    Trump dies: The ((Deep State)) got him! Time for more terrorism! Q continues.
    Trump lives and lies about his recovery, claims he used the bleach or that it shows COVID is harmless: Q continues.
    Trump lives and is merely quiet about his COVID time: Q forgets goldfish style and continues.
    Trump lives and wins the election: Q continues.
    Trump lives and loses the election: The ((Deep State)) got him! Time for more terrorism! Q continues.

    The only thing that will turn Q people off of the cult is when one of them not only does a terrorism, but does it in such a way that it will be completely obvious and undeniable it was about their Q beliefs. Might take more than one. Mainstream people will need to have a more thorough understanding of how fucked up it is before it retreats to the margins.

  6. Numenaster says

    “So I wonder what they’ll say if Trump dies of it?”

    You already know. “Fake news.” They could attend an open-casket funeral and still believe he’s alive, as long as the sociopaths producing Q drops bother to keep the game going.

  7. Dunc says

    The only thing that will turn Q people off of the cult is when…

    … it culminates in mass suicide.

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