Tuffy the Snowflake (Content Warning)

Was a hateful, hurtful soul.

No, seriously folks, I don’t get a lot of hate mail, but I do get some occasionally and I just got the most delightfully horrifying piece of violent thuggery that I’ve ever had sent to my FreethoughtBlogs comment queue.

It was sent to me by someone calling themselves “Tuffy”, and if you choose to read it, be forewarned: there’s the racism and some more racism and violent fantasies before mixing it up with some anti-semitism, more violence, the racism again, and oh, the direct threats. But what makes it worth posting is that this snowflake is responding to my post about how BLM in Portland won some valuable if modest concessions. And boy, did the idea that BLM has made some progress towards creating a society in which Black lives matter really upset the poor, widdle Tuffy. (I kid you not, that’s the actual screen name they chose.) There’s really no other way to say it but that this Tuffy is the most precious, delicate snowflake in the whole intertubes. He is just foot-stompin’ mad:

you aint won shit,all you negroes are doing is setting yourselves up for a mcveigh like backlash..ba booooom.i can see it now at an ice cube concert .then you muthr fukrs wont be so tough.when you taste the hate of the white man,and youre gonna feel it right in the chin.you pos have been haranging whites for too long and youre gonna pay in blood believe that.you have jew money backing your cause and youre being used like the stupid muthr fukrs you are.you think youre gonna beat whites you better think again.your ghetto is looking better every minute after hearing this shit, because you aint getting away with what you did, negroes are gonna die.as for all these white loser race traitors who support you,theyre gonna die too.except they will be easy targets,were ready to kill your asses just understand that.white race traitors are worse than blacks.they are pathetic beyond belief.and talk a big game they cant back up.whites wage wars and were gonna show you how its done.when were stacking those blm bodybags.you will be corralled and oblitterrated with artillary fire and starved into submission.

As others have pointed out, this is probably an actionable threat and the FBI takes reports of those. I will probably avail myself of that resource, not because I’m particularly worried that Tuffs McWorthless actually knows where I am or anything, but rather because this is the kind of person who really is likely to hurt someone someday, and if there is a record that can prove a pattern of violent behavior and threats over a significant period of time, authorities are more likely to treat their behavior more seriously.

But aside from the FBI, I think that it’s important that we all read this kind of thing every once in a while. It reminds those of us merely mistaken for Black once in a very long while of what we’re fighting against, and what people who are actually Black have to deal with every day.



  1. johnson catman says

    “the hate of the white man” Seriously? I am a white man, and I have more hate for idiots like him than I do for all the other people mentioned in his letter. Mostly because he is a dangerous powder-keg and looking for any “excuse” to vent his anger on someone. It is likely he owns multiple guns and plenty of ammo, and he is probably a member in a militia group and/or a white supremacist group. Agreed that he should be reported.

  2. says

    The FBI won’t do shit. They only act on threats to politicians or Hollywood stars.

    If you forward me the message headers there might be something useful in them.

    Because Tuffy believes so strongly, but is too chickenshit not to drop the anonymity. Now, that’s committment.

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