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So my very first post on the topic of Devin Nunes extremely stupid suit against Twitter and 3 of its users was not actually on this blog. It was actually a comment over on Wonkette. Forgive me, but knowing Wonkette’s obsession with its own Love Cow joke, I thought first of them as soon as I read the news.

In that comment I began with something I didn’t include here. For completeness I reproduce my introductory remarks here:

YES! Devin Nunes has gone FULL BARBARA STREISAND and is suing Twitter as well as the owners of the twitter accounts “Devin Nunes’ Mom” and “DevinNunes’Cow”

There’s a Devin Nunes’ Cow twitter account! How did I not know this? And of course it is literally impossible that Devin Nunes’ Cow was not started by a Wonketteer. I FUCKING LOVE THIS.

Now, some might have thought that comment premature. After all, to go full Barbara Streisand you actually have to want something less public (in her lawsuit against Google Maps it was her home address) but then end up making it more public as a direct result of the suit (in her case, this happened with the first filing because her residential address was required by the court as an integral part of her complaint and her lawyers didn’t think to ask the court to keep it secret. But in the Nunes case, one might argue that he wasn’t spreading the information that he wanted private because he could pick which tweets – presumably the ones he cared less about making part of the public record – he included in the complaint.

O contrair, mon soeur!

Even had he not included the human centipede image from my first Pervert Justice post on this topic, it has taken only hours for the number of followers of the Twitter user Devin Nunes’ Cow to triple and for a new parody account, Devin Nunes’ Dad, to sprout up. By the time you read this, I’m sure the number of Cow followers and parody accounts will both have spiked further.

This is literally the best lawsuit in the ever. We are going to have so much fun with this… but in the meantime, if you do Twitter at all there is no better thing in the universe that you could do than FOLLOW THAT COW.




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