Devin Nunes and the Love Cow of Perfidy

So, if you aren’t aware – as you are probably not – there is an in-joke at Wonkette about Devin Nunes, the incompetent House Intel ranking member (and former committee chair) who lied about the state of the Russia investigation in order to defend Trump. The joke doesn’t really have much of a basis. There’s no “there” there. But years ago Nunes opposed a real estate deal, which if I understand correctly was a land swap of an on-campus parcel on the side of his college closest to neighborhoods for more land on the side of campus farther away. The point of the land swap from the school’s perspective was to get more land, with the immediate purpose of expanding or improving their Ag program and for long term flexibility in building facilities as needed. His opposition appeared to be based on his appreciation for the ag program as it then existed and included laudatory comments about the current ag facilities, which happened to include cows. On top of this, his family owned a dairy farm and he frequently refers to himself and his connection to dairy farming and loving his cows and loving the land of his farm in his campaigns. He did not stop when his family sold the dairy farm & moved to Iowa. This seemed to indicate some serious attachment to the mooers. And, finally, the degree he got in between episodes of protest against the forced relocation of cows was “Animal Husbandry”.

This led Wonkette, always a lover of the most destructive force in the universe, to ironically brand Nunes a cow-lover, and later and more explicitly, a cow-fucker. but it turns out that they were not the only ones. Someone, inspired by Wonkette or not, created a twitter account named Devin Nunes’ Cow. (Another?) someone also created an account called Devin Nunes’ Mom. Both were clearly parody accounts (cows rarely have internet access and the Mom account clearly labeled itself a parody account in the user description). Both were, unsurprisingly, rather disparaging of Devin Nunes’ performance in congress. Well, it turns out that as of today, Nunes has had enough.


There are so many funny things about this lawsuit that I can’t begin to relate them all here, but we can start with the fact that his lawyer attached the following image as an evidentiary exhibit to his complaint:


Prepare for an entire series of posts on this lawsuit. This one deserves them all.


  1. Owlmirror says

    I find myself wondering as to what “herp-face” (in the text above the image) might mean. After reading zoology blogs, I tend to think of “herps” as “reptiles+amphibians” (back-formed from “herpetology”). But I have also seen “herp-derp” as an expression of a reaction to something stupid . . . so, maybe having herp-face means he looks stupid?

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