Chadwick Moore, Loser

I come to bury Chadwick Moore, not to praise him!

Chadwick Moore is, so far as I can tell, no one of any importance whatsoever – much like me. Nonetheless, he attracted attention with his call for the FBI to investigate Grindr. You may know Grindr as a dating app that focusses on gay men and makes it easy to hook up for one night stands and semi-anonymous, short term sexual relationships. But did you also know that it’s an evil Marxist plot to steal your freedoms? It’s true!

Grindr asks all people a number of questions when creating a profile. One of the questions is, “Gender?” An open-text input box is provided, for those who wish to use it. Chadwick Moore made that choice. He typed

There are only 2.

Grindr chose to bounce his profile. Moore made another profile, and again in the box intended for people to input their gender/s, Moore wrote

There are only 2.

He was bounced again. At this point, Moore first began to perceive the writhing, tentacular mass of insanity made tech that is Grindr, and the tendrils of prehensile mucus with which it invaded every corner of social, political, and – gasp! – even sexual life. Bravely, Moore fought back. His vorpal tweets went twitter-snack:

If trans women are real women why are they lurking on a gay men’s dating app. And doesn’t the whole trans narrative only deeply further the gender binary? So weird

We’d love to see your internal company guidelines on postmodernism, gender theory, and banned words. Are you a gay dating app, or another tech firm engaged in thought-policing at the behest of radical, unf*ckable, far-left activists?

I mean, god-forbid someone challenge post-modernist fake-science on a dating app, the same dating app that is a notorious conduit of prostitution, illegal drug use, illegal drug sales, and the spread of disease. I dunno does the @fbi need to look into what happens on @grindr?

Oh frabjous day, Callooh, Callay! With an FBI investigation of everyone who refuses to welcome anti-trans twits into their business, we can finally have MOORE JUSTICE. What a brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Chadwick.

Who the fuck are the snowflakes again? I can’t keep up. I do know, however, that the members of the Grindr community got a huge win when Moore was kicked off the platform. Twice.





  1. says

    As part of my survey work, I once had to respond to some dude who insisted that we should have an option to the gender question, to let him say he didn’t believe in the other genders. I was rather dismissive of him at the time, and my only regret is that I could have been even more dismissive.

  2. invivoMark says

    Ewww, tendrils of prehensile mucus! Not as gross as Chadwick Moore, obviously, but still grody.

    Heh, “Chadwick Moore” is pretty close to an RPG name my friends and I use when there’s a character with an obnoxious personality. It’s fitting.

  3. Meg Thornton says

    I note that Mr Moore (much like many TERFs) appears to have ignored the notion of the existence of transgender *men*. Presumably (like so many TERFs) he considers them to be butch dykes with an extreme case of penis envy or something similar. It’s an interesting blind spot.

  4. StonedRanger says

    In the spirit of the internet, this post must have the title changed to: Chadwick Moore, Looser. I know loser is the correct spelling, but fuck this guy. If anyone was ever a looser, this guy is it.

  5. says

    “Chadwick Moore” sounds like the kind of large, pompous law firm whose stock-in-trade is the dispatch of scary-sounding but ultimately legally baseless legal missives on behalf of clients which gets them mocked and invited to snort Ken White’s taint over on the “Popehat” blog…

  6. derek lactin says

    This is all an argument over the meaning of two words: ‘gender’ (cognate of ‘gens’ → ‘genre’ = ‘kind’) and ‘sex’ (= man or woman); they are not synonyms, although the distinction has been lost in English because it has no grammatical gender. In French, all nouns have gender (they are ‘masculin’ ou ‘féminin’ [note that ‘féminin’ as a word, is masculine]), which is distinct from sex (mâle ou femelle). A finger is ‘masculin’, a thumb is ‘féminin’; an arm is ‘masculin’, a leg is ‘féminin’…) German has three genders (masculine, feminine and neuter). Mandarin has a huge number of genders (often called ‘measure words’), which are totally unrelated to sex.
    To get to the point: English lost its grammatical gender during simplification from some German dialect, and over the years, ‘sex’ has been replaced by ‘gender’, possibly to avoid offending some prig or other. So now we argue whether sex comes in multiple genders. See the mess?
    I agree that we have only two sexes, male and female as defined by genitalia (for simplicity, I gloss over hermaphrodites). I also agree that we have numerous ‘genders’ , which here means ‘sexual preference’. So let’s cut Chadwick some slack: he seems to be using ‘gender’ to mean ‘sex’; you seem to be using it to mean ‘preference’.

  7. says

    I agree that we have only two sexes, male and female as defined by genitalia (for simplicity, I gloss over hermaphrodites).

    First, fuck off with “hermaphrodites”.

    Moving on, I note that you agree that we have more than two sexes, but that for the sake of defending someone who was wrong, you’re nevertheless going to wrongly assert we have only two sexes. Are you trying to prove yourself deliberately dishonest? What the fuck is with, “There are more than two, but I only want there to be two so that I can win a point in this debate, so let’s all agree that the number that is more than two is actually two, shall we?”

    No. We shan’t.

    I also agree that we have numerous ‘genders’ , which here means ‘sexual preference’.

    No. It really doesn’t. Gender is a word that does not mean “sexual preference”. It means other things entirely. Even the colloquial uses don’t generally intend to convey sexual preference. Saying, “I am a man” is not the same thing as saying, “I like cunnilingus” if that’s what you meant by “sexual preference”. Saying “I am a man” is also not the same thing as saying, “I prefer sex with women to sex with men,” if that is what you meant by “sexual preference”.

    You’re simply wrong.

    So let’s cut Chadwick some slack: he seems to be using ‘gender’ to mean ‘sex’;

    No slack for Chadwick: you’re missing the point that his intent was to make a political statement and he is here being criticized not only for his fallacious adherence to one or more artificial binaries, but also and indeed primarily for his odious political views. He is attempting to be insultingly dismissive. He is being arrogantly repulsive. That’s contemptible; as a result, we here show contempt.

    Of course, you’re also missing the point that the binaries he asserts are “true” are as artificial and misleading as the assertion that there are only 2 political parties in the United States.

  8. says

    I also agree that we have numerous ‘genders’ , which here means ‘sexual preference’.

    Apparently my “gender” is “functionally straight but wouldn’t date men ever again if I went back to dating”
    Damn, I hope they leave enough space next time I need to indicate that.

    So let’s cut Chadwick some slack: he seems to be using ‘gender’ to mean ‘sex’; you seem to be using it to mean ‘preference’.

    He’s tagging the FBI because a dating app kicked him out…

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