Reminder: tomorrow is the deadline for the Kato Memorial Bioscience Foundation travel fellowship

¥50,000 is ¥50,000! Applications for travel fellowships from the Kato Memorial Bioscience Foundation for the Fifth International Volvox Meeting are due tomorrow. These fellowships are to help non-Japanese students and postdocs travel to Tokyo for the meeting. ¥50,000 is around $500, a pretty good return for an easy application. Answer a few questions, send an email, and your trip could be $500 cheaper:

Applicants are required to submit a pdf file of the completed application form (download here) to Volvox2019 Office (E-mail: volvox2019 (at)

The Royal Society of Biology deadline is also coming up soon (March 1).

Here’s the full list of travel fellowships available to students and postdocs, with their deadlines:

Kato Memorial Bioscience Foundation – February 20 (not available to Japanese researchers)

Royal Society of Biology – March 1

Society for Experimental Biology/Company of Biologists – March 31

British Phycological Society Student Bursary – May 1 (must be a BPS member for three months before applying)

International Phycological Society Paul C. Silva Student Grants– May 30

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