The Volvox 2019 website is live

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The website for the Fifth International Volvox Conference (Volvox 2019) is live, with registration set to begin January, 2019:

The Fifth International Volvox Conference in Tokyo, Japan, will bring together international scientists working with Volvox and its relatives. We cordially invite experimentalists and theorists interested in these fascinating organisms. The volvocine algae grow in various freshwater environments worldwide and have important roles in the water ecosystems. Furthermore these organisms have become an important model system for investigating the evolution of sex and multicellularity, development and cellular differentiation, and have also yielded important insights in fields as diverse as genomics, biological physics, hydrodynamics, and social evolution. We hope that this meeting will foster exchange of ideas and expertise, and will initiate new collaborations to expand and strengthen the Volvocales and volvocine algal community.

The meeting will be at the University of Tokyo Hongo Campus July 26-29, 2019. Lodging will be self-serve, with several hotels conveniently close to the campus. More details are available in the circular (pdf file).

Students and postdocs are encouraged to apply for travel funds through the following sources, as appropriate:

I’ll provide updates as more information becomes available.


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