British insults are the best insults

Or should I say Scottish insults?

On Friday, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trumptweeted something—stop me if you’ve heard this before—truly stupid:

Trump’s tweet is even more ignorant than usual, as Scotland voted 62% to 38% to remain in the European Union. It was on the losing side of the vote.

Luckily, Twitter was there to remind Trump of the facts. And it did so with a veritable waterfall of sweet, vicious, very British replies. Let’s go to the tape!


#AskTheGays, says Trump. Gays respond promptly.

pajiba covers another Trump moment, characterized by a brief window of lucidity before… well, you know:

In the wake of the horrific Orlando shooting, Ooompa-Loompa-American Donald Trump was an actual compassionate human for a moment, saying, “Our nation stands together in solidarity with the members of Orlando’s LGBT community. They have been through something that nobody could ever experience. This is a very dark moment in America’s history.”

But then he spun this humanizing moment into political word vomit, insisting that his anti-immigration policies would better protect the queer community, even though the gunman in this instance was an American born in New York. Trump went on to declare he’s a better ally to the LGBTQ community than Hillary Clinton, demanding, “Ask the gays!

And “the gays” responded.

You get the idea, I’m sure.



Oops, the Twitter embeds broke. Fixeded them.