The jokes practically write themselves

Julia Serano on Twitter:


And how do TERFs respond to Serano’s well-researched if hastily argued thesis?

By bravely ploughing on through and completely ignoring what was said.





  1. Johnny Vector says

    Just, wow.

    As John Gilmore very nearly said: The TERF interprets scholarship as damage and routes around it.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    * Naive clue-deficient cis-hetero man raises hand *

    Could somebody please explain “femme-tomboy” to those of us out of that loop?

  3. Siobhan says

    @ Pierce R. Butler

    Could somebody please explain “femme-tomboy” to those of us out of that loop?

    That one is actually a bit outside of my usual vocabulary, too.

    Femme usually means a person conscientiously taking up expression regarding clothing, make-up, mannerisms, etc. that are generally regarded as feminine. Tomboy is usually “a woman with tendencies considered culturally ‘masculine'”. My best guess is that Serano says she sometimes does a mix of both, or is perceived to do both at varying times. In this context she is poking holes in the TERF insistence that transition has to do with gender roles (see Meghan Murphy).

    If Murphy et al. were correct, there would be no butch or tomboy trans women. Also if Murphy et al were correct, trans women wouldn’t experience the ludicrous catch-22s that paint us into a corner: We’re either “failing” for not performing masculinity adequately or “faking” because we’re not performing femininity adequately. I suppose it’s entirely possible for a trans woman to nonetheless defend this absurdity but transitioning itself is not the perpetrator of it, as the Murphy crowd argue, and women like Serano prove the Murphy et all argument moot.

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    Siobhan @ # 3 – Thanks, I think: at least I now have one less excuse for my failure to comprehend.

  5. lumipuna says

    heterosexual feminists were saying “lesbianism reinforces the sex class”

    What, were these political asexuals?

  6. Knabb says

    I’d read femme-tomboy as referring to a femme aesthetic and a predilection towards activities that are coded masculine. As a fairly unambiguous example, this would be someone who tends towards wearing makeup, skirts, dresses, and distinctly feminine hair styles, who has a hobby list full of football and computer programming.