Snark of the Month, February edition

For the sake of our collective survival, cathartic snark is prescribed by the hostess of Against the Grain in order to support your health. To that end, we hope the complementary confetti being mailed to you as we speak stimulates the reward centres of your brain so as to encourage snark.

February’s “Snark of the Month” winner: dangerousbeans

Dr. Zucker is a bit of an odd duck, because his public advocacy against the health and wellbeing of trans people is refuted by his own research. In response to this revelation, dangerousbeans says:

If transgender activists had the power we would have fired Zucker years ago.
Out of some sort of cannon, into another giant pile of shit.

AtG’s numerous anonymous sources confirm this is true.

February’s runner-up: CaitieCat, Harridan of Social Justice

On the same topic of Dr. Zucker’s firing by quote-un-quote “trans activists:”

It was me, Giliell. I used my many coerced visits to CAMH to gather naughty facts about Zucker, and got him fired.

Nah. If I’d got him fired, a kiln would have been involved.

As it turns out, the former patients of Dr. Zucker seem to generally hate his guts! I wonder why this is never mentioned in all the puff pieces mainstream media keeps pumping out on his behalf.