Conservatives prove how anti-terrorist they are by mailing bomb threats

Three Concordia University buildings had to be evacuated this morning because a group called the Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada (or C4) mailed bomb threats to their facilities:

The threatening letter, purportedly from a group that calls itself Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada (C4), complains about Muslim students at Concordia.

“The suspect sent by email that he put some explosive items inside a few places inside the buildings,” said Montreal police Const. Benoit Boisselle.

“Lots of police officers are on site right now. They looked around, they did not find any suspect items,” Boisselle said.

McGill security also informed

CKUT — the campus community radio station at McGill University — was among the media outlets to receive the letter threatening Muslim students at Concordia.

“Since we will [spread] our fight to McGill too, we at C4 decided to give you a heads up of the emergency situation at Concordia University,” said the email, from someone identified as the “C4 co-ordinator.”

An official at CKUT said the radio station had shared the email with McGill University’s campus security.

Remember folks: It’s not terrorism when white people do it.



  1. says

    It’s not terrorism when white people do it.

    “Radical” is the opposite of “conservative” so it cannot be conservatives.

    C4, by the way, is a form of plastic explosive. I wonder if that was deliberate ‘irony’

  2. samihawkins says

    Part of me wants to do the usual joke about how this is clearly just the work of a mentally ill loner who wasn’t inspired by right-wing politicians at all, but I’m just so frustrated with the blatant double standards applied to terrorism.

    For example I’ve noticed a trend in the last year or two that most of the cases we’ve been calling terrorism are committed by a bitter disillusioned 20-something dude indiscriminately killing people in some public place. Literally the only differences between them and a normal* mass shooting are that the perpetrators are muslim and at some point they shout something about ISIS. That’s treated as ironclad proof that they were actively working with and directed by ISIS even in cases like Orlando where the shooter had previously declared affiliation with multiple other terrorist groups violently opposed to ISIS.

    Any rational observer can see that these people aren’t terrorist masterminds actively plotting with ISIS commanders, they’re pissy angry 20-somethings who latch onto the ideology as an excuse to vent their incoherent rage at the world around them. And now we’re starting to see the same thing with white alt-right types like Alexandre Bissonnette and whoever issued this bomb threat, angry young men who latched onto the ideology as an outlet for their blind fury. The media won’t ever admit this, brown shooters will always be terrorists working directly with ISIS and white shooters will always be mentally ill loners, but in a twisted way I find it interesting how one group of radicals is now emulating another.

    *It’s fucked up that in my country someone going apesht with an assault rifle and gunning down half a dozen people is considered ‘normal’.

  3. Siobhan says


    I haven’t really written on the idea of criminal profiling but I understand that actual intelligence analysts know it’s bunk.