Conservatives denounce correction of Fox News’ fake news

Apparently satisfied with the amount of pearl-clutching over the national deficit, Canada’s official opposition fired shots across the Prime Minister’s bow by asking him… why his office would correct the blatantly false information about the Quebec mosque shooting aired by Fox News:

OTTAWA—The Opposition Conservatives are criticizing the Prime Minister’s Office for complaining to Fox News about a tweet identifying the suspect in the Quebec City mosque shooting as “Moroccan.”

In an open letter to Fox News Channel co-president Bill Shine, PMO Communications Director Kate Purchase wrote that Canada is “an open, welcoming country that stands by its citizens.”

She accused the tweet of “perpetuating fear and division” and dishonouring the memory of the victims of Sunday’s mass shooting, in which six people were killed.

She asked that it be taken down.

Fox News responded by deleting the tweet and saying it regretted the error.

Conservative MP and party leadership candidate Lisa Raitt says while she understands frustrations over misinformation being reported, Justin Trudeau should be focused on more important matters.

“More important matters”?

I’m sorry, the most powerful country in the world is run by a bull in a china shop and you think misinformation campaigns are “unimportant”?

The deaths of our Muslims citizens at the hands of white nationalists is “unimportant”?

Not exactly subtle.



  1. jane0doe says

    Conservatives think facts are unimportant. It’s the canadian version of “alternative facts”.

    I used to think canada was better than the US, or at least that our conservatives aren’t as horrible as theirs. Lately it’s hard to see the difference.