Signal Boosting: Lesbian Etiquette Guide for Stealing Farms

As we all know, lesbians stealing farms is a very… er… devastating social issue that the Republican swine party brought to light recently. Apparently intimidated by this incredible insight into the gay agenda, Autostraddle fesses up:

Truthfully, though, this is not what I saw being chosen for The Gay Agenda’s next phase of implementation. I was hoping if anything was going to be vetted by POTUS it was going to be the Lesbian Takeover of America’s Got Talent (Article Twelve, Section One of The Gay Agenda) because I think it’s fair to estimate three billion people watch it and quite frankly I’d love to be a judge, but it’s important to remember that rural farms are the heart of America and therefore their destruction is the most strategic, if boring, choice.

All has been revealed.