Liars citing liars

This is starting to get exhausting:

Earlier this year, the American College of Pediatricians (ACP) issued a position statement rejecting transgender kids. Now, the fake medical organization that exists solely to oppose abortion and LGBT equality — not to be confused with the legitimate American Academy of Pediatricians — has published a more extensive manifesto denying the reality that some kids are transgender and benefit from being respected in those identities.

ACP’s thesis is founded on false statements that begin appearing by the second sentence of the document. Here are 14 claims the ACP makes about kids’ gender identities that are either unsupportable or directly contradicted by the available research:

Fucking seriously. I’m so done. No amount of fact checking penetrates these fucking brickheads, and there are rubes who will blindly accept the ACP’s myth-riddled manifesto. You can’t take a sieve and claim you have a fucking bucket!

At the core of it all, once again: Disagreement over what constitutes a good outcome. Cisgender child, or happy child regardless of their gender? ACP thinks the lens of analysis should not be ethics or psychiatry, but normativity. 

Read the rest here. I’m gonna snap soon. We have had this conversation over and over and over and over and over. And thanks to the ACP, we’ll keep having to have the conversation over and over and over again, and it’ll keep going nowhere, because critical thinking is in short fucking supply apparently.

And unlike myths about conceptsthese fuckers are influencing the lives of people. Real kids. They’re antagonizing proven healthcare models that help trans people function. This isn’t just some bogus creationist getting facts about physical sciences wrong, this is a lobby trying to pound a certain class of people into the ground. They would see us straddled with widespread discrimination and an illness eating us up from the inside to be treated with torture and shame. That’s their idea of medicine–treating cancer with snake oil and polio with bloodletting. Let’s bring back the quackery of humors while we’re at it and restore the good ol’ days when people still died of fucking dysentery.

Jesus H Christ.



  1. blf says

    Any idea if the ACP has any association with the über-loony American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) ?

    The AAPS was recently described by Orac as:

    [The AAPS] is a an embarrassingly quacky physician organization that I first discussed ten years ago [in 2006. …] Over the years, I’ve documented how the AAPS, through its house organ the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (commonly abbreveated JPANDS), has abused science with hilariously bad studies purporting to demonstrate that abortion causes breast cancer (it doesn’t); that administering multiple vaccines at one visit is not safe (it is); that with respect to DDT and the Zika virus the best strategy is to spray, baby, spray (it isn’t); that shaken baby syndrome is a “misdiagnosis” for vaccine injury (it isn’t); and that President Obama uses neurolinguistic programming to get Americans to do his bidding (he doesn’t). The AAPS is also all-in for a large number of antivaccine tropes.

    […] the AAPS is explicitly opposed to any form of government regulation of health care; considers the FDA and Health Care Financing Administration to be unconstitutional; is utterly opposed to Medicare, viewing it as immoral; urges physicians not to participate in Medicare; describes public health programs as “tyranny“; and liberally quotes Ayn Rand. Basically, the AAPS believes that the free market will fix everything that’s wrong with health care. Well, not exactly. Rather, the AAPS believes that the free market, coupled with removing pretty much any restrictions on how doctors practice medicine, be it evidence-based guidelines, board certification, maintenance of certification, peer review, or even state licensure will return medicine to a golden age in which doctor knows best and can do whatever he thinks best for his patient. Of course, it doesn’t matter to the AAPS that such a golden age of medicine never existed.

    For good measure, Orac describes the ACP thusly: “[T]he ACP is a small group of conservative pediatricians who broke away from the AAP over its support for parenting by homosexual couples 13 years ago [in 2003. …] The ACP is anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, and promotes the pseudoscience that claims that abstinence-only education is an effective means of reducing the incidence of teen pregnancy. Basically, it’s a phony medical group peddling anti-gay propaganda and pseudoscience to schools.”

    (I’ve omitted most of the links in Orac’s descriptions to avoid running afoul of the limit at FtB on the number of links.)