We saw Bernie Sanders!

My husband and I barely have a penny to our name, but we decided to spend the gas money to see Bernie Sanders in Ann Arbor, MI yesterday. This was the best picture I got. Being under five feet, I’m used to not being able to see anything, but I actually had a pretty clear view the whole time.

We brought our six-year-old daughter with us, but when we got there we didn’t see any other children. There were several speakers before Sanders that were really getting the crowd fired up. I don’t remember what the speaker said, but everyone was yelling “No!” so our daughter stands up and screams, “NOOOOOO!” at the top of her lungs. It echoed in the auditorium. I wanted to hide but thankfully people laughed instead of glaring at us. Even the speaker chuckled.

The anticipation in the room for Bernie to take the stage was intense. He might as well be a rock star. Most of the people there were young college students and it’s amazing how someone so much older can really relate to and inspire them. It was incredible to watch him speak. He’s so passionate and it just looks effortless.

My husband and I have always been huge Bernie Sanders fans. We struggle a lot and everything he says resonates with us. Going to see him in Ann Arbor was sort of last minute, but I’m so glad we decided to make the trip. It felt like I was crossing an item off of the bucket list.


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