My 300th Post – Channeling My Inner Grandpa G., Recovery, and My Red State

This is my 300th post! I am so grateful for Freethought Blogs. Not only is it a great outlet for my writing, but it also allows me to have conversations that might be difficult to have in real life. 

I spend a lot of time writing about mental health as atheism has played a huge part in my recovery. Jesus doesn’t care about my wellness, my doctor does, and I don’t thank god for my medications, I thank science. My medications work and I know I need to stay on them. Knowing there isn’t an afterlife keeps me motivated and reminds me to live my life to the fullest despite having schizoaffective disorder. 

I write from real life and am not an expert in anything but myself. My blog makes me think of my Grandpa G. He had a fascinating life and loved sharing his experiences. Everyone was captivated by his storytelling. A few years before Grandpa G died, I recorded him reminiscing with our family at my dad’s house. It was actually for a class project but now the recording is a treasured keepsake. My goal with my writing is to channel my inner Grandpa G and share my story with as much passion as he did his. 

The past few months have been very difficult as I received treatment for a decades-old eating disorder, and my journey is far from over. Thank you for making my blog a safe place for me to share my challenges. I hope one day my posts will help others. 

I often complain about living in a red state, but I have no plans of leaving. My family has lived in the same area for 170 years. This is my home and I want to see it become a better place. If you have any ideas on how to do that, I’d love to hear them. 

Thank you for reading and commenting over the last few years and hopefully for years to come. I am always learning from you. Thank you for your support.


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