1. heidi uppgaard says

    There are too many available now, so it depends on my mood and what I want. Weekly, I check in with some of the ACA call-in shows, partly bc it helps me to hear some topical issues and partly bc it helps me to hear how people argue their beliefs (poorly, usually).

    Though it’s been 3 years since I deconverted, it’s oddly soothing to hear other formerly religious people talk about the bible(s). I regularly hear odd crazy bits that I’d forgotten about; I guess it helps to re-center me and remind me why I left.

    I listen to a variety of other folks as well: ShannonQ, Viced Rhino, Anthony Magnabosco, Grr Mania, Paulogia, Telltale, Seth Andrews, Aron Ra, Matt D, Trae Crowder, Jimmy Snow, Ex-Cult Baby, Mr Deity (gotta *watch* the screen, not just listen to him!), Holy Koolaid, and more. I hope most of these folks (& others I didn’t name) are making $ because I’m grateful to them for helping to keep me sane! I fear that the filed is getting a bit crowded.

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