My 200th Post — A Look Back

I started “From the Ashes of Faith” back in December 2019 and I have now reached my 200th post.

When I applied to be a blogger at Freethought Blogs, I had been writing for Healthy Place for just over two years. Healthy Place is a mental health website where I posted articles every other Wednesday about mental illness recovery. Mental health is very important to me but there were a lot of rules writing for Healthy Place and I was looking to branch out.

Being an atheist is also really important to me as well as important to my recovery from schizoaffective disorder. I was looking for a platform where I could express that and I was lucky enough to be accepted into Freethought Blogs.

I really enjoy the freedom of blogging for FtB.

Prior to FtB, I had very little contact with other atheists. I was very certain in what I felt and believed but I feel the readers with their comments and support really brought me out of my shell. 

Thank you!

My blog has been a place where I could work out ideas and find my voice.

Today I am working on getting the word out about my poetry book which was published and released back in February. I also have several other book projects I’m working on. 

I’m looking forward to many more posts and thank you for your support!


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