February 23rd — Speaking to the Nottingham Secular Society!

Getting excited! I’m speaking to the Nottingham Secular Society next week!


“Poems and Tales from an American Heathen Mommy”

Megan Rahm

Speaks, via Zoom, from Toledo, Ohio, USA.

Tuesday 23rd February at 19:30

Let’s have a good turnout for our

American friends.

As usual, you will have to request a link, etc. for this meeting and the information will be sent out a couple of days before the meeting.

email: nottinghamsecularsociety@yahoo.com


Megan is an atheist, humanist and secularist all rolled into one,

and she comes highly recommended by the Great Lakes Atheists. (founded by one of our members!). Megan will take us on her journey through life.


Everything about Megan Rahm screams “Midwest Mom” with one big exception; she’s a very passionate atheist. While often a source of tension, this juxtaposition in her life is also a source of creativity, which led to her writing “Free to Roam: Poetry from a Heathen Mommy”.  In her talk, as in her book, Megan will passionately explore coming of age, faith and atheism, motherhood, and womanhood. With honesty, poignancy, and humour, Megan Rahm covers life’s most exhilarating highs and the heartbreaking lows. Her words are sure to both make you cry and awaken your sense of life’s adventure.


This is departure from our normal annual Darwin Lecture where we have always had a scientist as a speaker – but let’s give the Arts a go!

Tuesday 30th March at 19:30

Speaker: Alistair Lichten from the National Secular Society.

“No more Faith Schools!”

Tuesday 27th April at 19:30

Speaker: Margaret Christopoulos on

“Conscientious Objectors in World War 2 in the UK.”


I am available for more speaking engagements! Please leave a comment if your group is interested!


  1. blf says

    Based mostly on the e-mail address, that Nottingham Secular Society is very probably the one in Nottingham, England. I assume, therefore, that the time (19:30) is GMT.

    Good luck with the reading !

    Hint: You might ask that they bother to update their site (above link), which states “Our program of future meetings has been postponed until further notice”, and does not list any events / meetings since March 2020. Pedantically, they probably haven’t met in-person and so the statement and lack of listed meetings is perhaps technically correct, but I cannot find on their site any mention of Zoom / virtual meetings / events.

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