Housewife (Pandemic Poetry)



Are you thinking of me?
Is there a slim chance
you took a peek, too?
Hasty search —
I saw you smile
and you didn’t even know it.
Your existence is a mystery
that my life yearns for.
I want to be a fly
on your faraway wall.
I want to escape
the outside forces
and selfishly indulge
in matters only of the flesh.
For once, I’m not a mom or a wife —
just a woman
wanting something new, carnal.
This lonely housewife
longs to be touched by a stranger.
I don’t want to lose what I have —
just a brief taste
of something different,
My whole world is in this little house
but in my mind, I rule a kingdom.
I close my eyes
and have a secret encounter
but when I open them
my life remains intact.
You’re my passionate escape —
anytime, anywhere —
that keeps this queen moving forward
and you’ll never know it.
A little excitement
in this all-too-ordinary life.

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