My Appreciation for Modern Medicine

I have a deep appreciation for modern medicine because my life would not be possible without my medication. 

I’ve been a mental health advocate for more than a decade, and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to calm people’s fears about medication. My mental illness was debilitating when I was young, and although that was quite some time ago, I still think it’s important for me to spread the word and help others.

I was a big dreamer as a child and it would be heartbreaking if none of those dreams come true — some already have. Medication has given me a fighting chance. I am very aware that none of these things would be possible without it. 

For me, it’s such a simple solution. I take my pills. My symptoms are controlled. I live my life. Yes, there is more to recovery, but medication is the main component for me and many others.

I have an awesome life and god plays no part in it. I thank my doctor, science, and modern medicine for letting me chase my dreams.

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