Jack’s Walk

Hi everyone.
I’m voyager and some of you may know me from the comments section. I’ve decided to take Caine up on her offer to provide a bit of content on Affinity and am starting a daily series called Jack’s Walk. Jack is my 10 year old chocolate lab and I thought it might be fun to chronicle the progress of the seasons while we go on our daily walk. I’ll post a photo or two with a comment and do my best to make it interesting.

You may be a bit curious about us, so here are a few tidbits.
We live in southwestern Ontario.
I’m a retired palliative care nurse/case manager who likes to wander and read. I playact with a local theatre troupe and would describe myself as a nerd. My screen name voyager is partly a reference to the Star Trek series of the same name. Yep, nerd.
Jack is not retired, just unemployed. His favorite things are food, swimming, food, belly rubs, food, sleeping. Did I mention food? His well-earned nickname is Mr. Heavy Bum and at 80 lbs he still likes to sit on laps.

I want to thank Caine for her trust and the new privileges. I’ll try not to break anything.

And now onto today’s walk.

Tulips! Today Jack and I found a few brave tulips poking their heads out. We also went to see the ducks and geese, but there was so much fowl poop we didn’t linger. Messy, messy birds.